90% of Pro-Life Candidates Win in TN

Thank you pro-life Tennesseans for again demonstrating your commitment to Right to Life candidates.  Because of your work, support and votes, pro-life super-majorities have been returned to the state House, state Senate, and U.S. Congress.

Fully 90% of candidates endorsed by Tennessee Right to Life Political Action Committee won their races on Tuesday.

And thankfully, the newly-formed TN Advocates for Planned Parenthood was unsuccessful in their efforts to defeat proven pro-life lawmakers.

The consistent support of pro-life Tennesseans has resulted in great gains for our state's Right to Life movement.  But grave challenges remain as we continue working to support the legal defense of Amendment 1 and protective pro-life laws in federal court.  And we must be prepared to defeat Planned Parenthood and NARAL's announced intention to repeal pro-life policies when the Tennessee Legislature convenes again in January.

But together, with your continued help and God's blessing, we will meet these challenges with energy, focus and every resource necessary to succeed.