State Counted Votes Correctly on Pro-Life Amendment 1

"The Yes On 1 Campaign sought to intervene in this case to ensure that the court considered the voices of real voters who were threatened with the unacceptable possibility of being disenfranchised," said Daniel Horwitz, attorney for YES on 1 Ballot Committee. "We are deeply grateful that the court recognized these voters' concerns and addressed them by holding unambiguously that its ruling applies retrospectively to Amendment 1, and that every vote cast in that election counted." State Court Judge Declines to Allow YES on 1 as Party to Lawsuit Reaffirms earlier ruling asserting the state's method of counting votes on Amendment 1 is correct Counsel for the YES on 1 Ballot Committee argued today in state court for the right to intervene specifically on behalf of YES voters threatened with having their votes thrown out. This, following a wrong ruling in April by Federal Judge Kevin Sharp who is demanding a recount of the 2014 election results on Amendment 1. Sharp says that those voters casting a ballot for Amendment 1 but not in the governor's race should not be counted. Continue reading

TN Attorney General Appeals Pro-Abortion Ruling

TN Attorney General Appeals Pro-Abortion Ruling to 6th Circuit "We obviously disagree with the federal court's decision...Simply put, deciding what vote is required to amend the Tennessee Constitution is a matter of state law to be determined by a Tennessee Court." Harlow Sumerford, spokesman for Attorney General's Office Tennessee Right to Life expresses gratitude to the many public officials who are working tirelessly to defend the outcome of Amendment 1 and the right of Tennesseans to cast their votes according to their conscience.  In particular, pro-life Tennesseans owe a debt of gratitude to Governor Bill Haslam, Attorney General Herbert Slatery, Deputy Attorney General Janet Kleinfelter, Secretary of State Tre Hargett, Coordinator of Elections Mark Goins and state Senator Randy McNally for making defense of the election a true priority. Tuesday afternoon it was announced that the state is appealing the wrong ruling issued last Friday by federal Judge Kevin Sharp.  Sharp ordered election officials to count only those votes for or against the amendment that were cast by voters who also voted in the governor's race.  Other pro-life votes in favor of Amendment 1 are to be thrown out, according to Sharp's ruling. Continue reading

How Can You Help Ensure Every Pro-Life Vote is Counted?

Pray.  As far back as 1997, prayer has undergirded the long effort to turn back the pro-abortion rulings in Planned Parenthood v Sundquist.  Prayer will sustain and guide pro-life leaders and lawyers as we seek to faithfully defend life, abortion-vulnerable families and the unborn in the weeks and months ahead. Contribute.  Yes on 1 still carries debt from the final weeks of the 2014 campaign. With a 53% - 47% victory, it was critical to move undecided voters through strengthened media buys which closed the race in our favor.  Now, it will be costly to defend the unique interests of Yes on 1, Tennessee Right to Life and pro-life voters in the ongoing legal assault being brought by Planned Parenthood. Continue reading

Right to Life Responds to Court Rulings

The good news:  On Thursday, state Court Judge Michael Binkley upheld the November 2014 vote on Amendment 1 and the state's method of counting the votes on proposed amendments as correct under the Tennessee Constitution.   This victory is key  because ultimate interpretation of the Tennessee Constitution belongs with the state courts and state court judges. Second, the bad news:  On Friday, Federal Court Judge Kevin Sharp demanded a recount of the ballots on Amendment 1 and held that any ballots on which Tennesseans voted for Amendment 1 but did not vote in the Governor's race must be thrown out.  Sharp's basis for taking such a radical step is that he shares the view of Planned Parenthood that votes of those not casting a ballot in the governor's race were more heavily weighted and favored than those of pro-abortion voters who opposed Amendment 1.  This, they claim, violates 14th Amendment protections for due process and equal protection. Judge Sharp has directed state officials including Coordinator of Elections Mark Goins to provide a timetable for a statewide recount of the ballots. Continue reading

State Court Judge Upholds Outcome of Amendment 1

Circuit Court Judge Michael Binkley Rules Against Planned Parenthood claims Nashville---Pro-life voters were handed a victory late Thursday as a state court judge ruled in favor of a motion for summary judgment brought by Secretary of State Tre Hargett and Coordinator of Elections Mark Goins.  Hargett and Goins sought clarification from the court as to whether or not the process for counting votes and ratification of a voter-approved amendment were in violation of the Tennessee Constitution.  Judge Michael Binkley ruled in favor of the state's process and dismissed pro-abortion claims that the process favored pro-life supporters of Amendment 1 while violating the rights of voters opposed to the pro-life amendment. In response, the state's leading pro-life organization issued the following:  "Tennessee Right to Life shares the view that the historic method of counting the votes and ratifying the results on Amendment 1 was followed in the exact way as every other amendment approved by the voters of our state," said Brian Harris, president of the organization. "Planned Parenthood is trying to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of pro-life Tennesseans simply because they dislike the outcome of the election.  That's neither right nor fair," said Harris. Continue reading

Update on Amendment 1 Lawsuits - April 6, 2016

Attorney General Leads Efforts to Defend Process and Voters Leaders of Tennessee Right to Life were among those present Tuesday morning in federal district court to hear arguments in the pro-abortion lawsuit brought against Amendment 1.  The suit was filed on November 7, 2014, three days following public approval, by Planned Parenthood of Middle and East Tennessee Board Chair, Tracey George.  Before proceedings began, George was invited by pro-abortion counsel William Harbison to join him at the counsel table.  Also in the courtroom was Mark Goins, state Coordinator of Elections, who is named as a defendant by the lawsuit. Continue reading

Planned Parenthood Takes You to Court

Click here for an update on the court hearing in federal court. On Tuesday, April 5 at 9:30 am (cdt), the trial begins.  Lawyers for Planned Parenthood activists will argue that the state's long-established process for counting votes and ratifying amendments to the state constitution somehow violated the rights of pro-abortion voters who opposed pro-life Amendment 1. Unable to win at the ballot box on November 4, 2014, Planned Parenthood Board Chair Tracey George waited just 3 days before filing her legal challenge to overturn the outcome of the election.  They claim violation of federal rights, disenfranchisement, and a "fundamentally unfair" system.  And, most critically, the pro-abortion activists demand that Amendment 1---and the votes of pro-life Tennesseans---be thrown out. Your prayers are needed now to defend the hard-won victory on Amendment 1 and to protect Tennessee's abortion-vulnerable women, girls, and unborn children. Continue reading

RTL Movement Opposes Measures Prosecuting Women Who Choose Abortion

The Right to Life movement has always opposed measures to prosecute women who choose abortion. We are motivated to promote and provide life-affirming alternatives for women and girls considering abortion. And we extend compassion and healing to women and families who have suffered the pain and loss of a child through abortion. Our movement includes many women and men who realized too late the grief of such a decision and who subsequently seek to bring good from their pain by using their experience to prevent others from making the same mistake. The paramount goal of the Right to Life movement is the legal protection of innocent human life, not the prosecution of women who have chosen abortion. Even before Roe v Wade, the focus of legal penalties has always been toward the abortion practitioner, not the mother. Candidates expressing support for punishing a post-abortive mother are not representing the pro-life position or Right to Life. Pro-Life is pro-woman, pro-child and pro-family. It is not punitive.

Key Vote on Sale of Baby Body Parts on Wednesday

UPDATE: Thank you for contacting key members of the committee, HB2577 passed the House Health Committee Wednesday afternoon on a voice vote. It will now be heard in the House Calendar & Rules Committee and then will receive a vote by the full House. On Wednesday, March 30, Tennessee will take its next steps toward greater protection for life as Governor Haslam's legislation to reform the operation of abortion facilities receives a critical vote. HB 2577 will be taken up Wednesday morning, 11:00 a.m., (CDT) by members of the State House Health Committee chaired by pro-life state Rep. Cameron Sexton (R-Crossville). The bill is sponsored in the House by longtime pro-life leader, state Rep. Bill Dunn (R-Knoxville) and includes increased inspection and record-keeping requirements at abortion facilities and prohibits the purchase and sale of human fetal remains in Tennessee. Continue reading

Stop the Sale of Baby Body Parts in TN: Yes on Senate Bill 2568

UPDATE: The Senate Judiciary Committee passed the bill with 7 yes votes and 2 abstentions.  The bill now will be considered by the full Senate.   Governor's pro-life reform bill to be heard in Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, March 22 On Tuesday, March 22, Tennessee will take its next steps toward greater protection for life as Governor Haslam's legislation to reform the operation of abortion facilities receives its first vote.  SB 2568 will be taken up Tuesday afternoon, 1:00 p.m., (CDT) by members of the State Senate Judiciary Committee chaired by pro-life state Sen. Brian Kelsey (R-Collierville).  The bill is sponsored in the Senate by pro-life state Sen. Kerry Roberts (R-Springfield) and includes increased inspection and record-keeping requirements at abortion facilities and prohibits the purchase and sale of human fetal remains in Tennessee. Continue reading