Protect the Unborn

End Preferential Treatment in Tennessee for Pro-Abortion NEA-Tennessee Education Association

Urge State House Committee Members to Support Pro-Life HB 294

Pro-life advocates have long protested the pro-abortion political activity of the nation's largest teacher's union and have attempted to end the extreme policy stances of the NEA-Tennessee Education Association which support abortion-on-demand and the funding of pro-abortion candidates for public office.

The union's official position on abortion is referred to as Resolution I-17 and has been interpreted by pro-abortion supporters during convention floor debates as defending an unlimited "right to reproductive freedom", code words for abortion-on-demand.Parliamentary efforts by pro-life teachers to prevent the use of dues money to support abortions have been consistently defeated. 

Of note, NEA is the nation's second-highest campaign donor since 1989 and contributed $25 million dollars to the Obama campaign in 2008 and $23 million for his re-election in 2012. During 2014, the National Education Association spent more than $35 million on "political activities and lobbying" as well as payments to political organizations reported as "contributions, gifts and grants."

The NEA has already endorsed Hillary Clinton and commits to historic levels of political spending to see the pro-abortion candidate elected in 2016.

Additionally, the NEA has provided facilities and resources to pro-abortion efforts including sponsorship of the pro-abortion March for Women's Lives, allowing a late-term abortionist to host conferences in the NEA headquarters and contributing to organizations such as Emily's List which funds only pro-abortion candidates running for political office.

On Wednesday, February 3, members of a state House sub-committee will take up House Bill 294 by pro-life state Representative Billy Spivey (R-Lewisburg). If passed, as amended, House Bill 294 will:

Protect TN Tax-payers by ending use of public employees currently involved in collecting paycheck deductions on behalf of the NEA-Tennessee Education Association, and

Protect Innocent Human Life by ending preferential treatment for a political organization which uses its resources to promote extreme abortion-on-demand policies and candidates.

Please contact the following and urge their strong support for HB 294 as amended by Rep. Spivey:

Rep. John Forgety (R-Athens), 615.741.1725

Rep. Sheila Butt (R-Columbia), 615.741.3005

Rep. David Byrd (R-Waynesboro), 615.741.2190

Rep. Bill Dunn (R-Knoxville), 615.741.1721

Rep. Sabi "Doc" Kumar (R-Springfield), 615.741.2860

Rep. Ron Lollar (R-Bartlett), 615.741.7084

Rep. Joe Pitts (D-Clarksville), 615.741.2043

Rep. Ryan Williams (R-Cookeville), 615.741.1875