Thank you Governor Lee for Pro-Life Leadership

Thanks largely to Pro-life Governor Bill Lee's courage and conviction, most of Tennessee's abortion facilities have temporarily ceased performing surgical abortions. The Governor's updated Executive Order on April 8 makes plain that non-essential surgeries and procedures should not be performed. Abortion is not healthcare and is non-essential in most every case.

Chemical RU486 abortions continue to be dispensed up to 10 weeks of pregnancy and represent nearly 40% of all intentionally ended pregnancies.

Planned Parenthood, ACLU, and other for-profit abortion operators have filed suit to demand the continued surgical killing of unborn children up to 19.6 weeks of pregnancy in Tennessee. This, even as data demonstrates that a signicant percentage of the populations most at risk for spreading corona correlate with those women most likely to seek abortions.

  • 78.6% of abortions are among Tennessee residents ages 20 - 34
  • 36% of confirmed COVID-19 cases are among Tennessee residents ages 21 - 40 (Tennessee Department of Health)

Please thank Governor Lee for his help in rescuing women and unborn children in our state. Children will be born and women and families spared the grief of an abortion decision because Governor Bill Lee acted on their behalf.

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