Tennessee Right to Life Commends Governor Haslam for Support and Signing of Post-Viability Abortion Ban



Nashville, June 21, 2017--The state's leading pro-life organization celebrated passage of its priority legislation during a ceremonial bill signing by Governor Bill Haslam today at Legislative Plaza.

The Tennessee Infants Protection Act (SB 1180 / HB 1189) establishes a presumption of fetal viability beginning at 24 weeks gestation and prohibits abortion except in medical emergencies once viability has been confirmed.

The new legislation also requires a medical assessment for fetal viability before an abortion may be performed on unborn children at least 20 weeks old.

Tennessee Right to Life celebrates the bill's passage. "Tennessee is a pro-life state and Tennesseans strongly support common sense public policies that affirm and protect human life," said Brian Harris, the organization's president.

"We thank the Legislature and Governor Haslam for their exceptional leadership in supporting laws that build and strengthen a culture of life in our communities, state and nation."

Passage of pro-life laws is only possible because of your support. If you appreciate the work of Tennessee Right to Life, please consider a special gift to help us begin planning for next legislative session including research and legal fees to develop constitutionally-sound strategies.