2017 - HB 108 Talking Points

Pro-life Tennesseans made history in 2014 when voters passed pro-life Amendment 1. Unfortunately, Amendment 1 was challenged by Planned Parenthood supporters, lost the first round in federal court and is on appeal to the 6th circuit. In addition, protective laws passed in 2015 are also challenged separately in federal court and are also at risk of being struck down.

This being the case, Tennessee Right to Life has concerns with abortion bans proposed this year at the state Legislature. Bills such as HB 108 cannot currently be enforced as constitutional and may unintentionally provide a hostile court with the opportunity to re-affirm the wrong holdings of Roe v. Wade. Such laws may also serve to influence the outcome of pro-abortion lawsuits against the Amendment and existing pro-life laws.

Please work with Tennessee Right to Life in support of meaningful pro-life proposals which strengthen our state's abortion laws----not threaten them.