Protect Tennessee's Pro-Life Amendment 1

Planned Parenthood is attempting to THROW OUT YOUR VOTE on Amendment 1 and return Tennessee to an unregulated abortion destination.  Earlier this year, Federal District Judge Kevin Sharp agreed with Planned Parenthood's demands and ordered the state to begin preparing for a recount of the 2014 ballots in order to throw out any in which a vote was cast on Amendment 1 but not in the Governor's race.

Amendment 1 passed through the legislative branch after a decade of work and was approved with 53% of the vote despite millions spent in opposition by Planned Parenthood abortion facilities around the nation.

Help Tennessee Right to Life stand for the protection of life and the people's vote by signing the Friend of the Court brief being submitted to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.  Monday, October 10 is the final deadline for being included on this historic document signifying support for the constitutional manner in which the votes were counted by the state on Amendment 1. 

Sign here:


Abortion and the Presidential Candidate Debate

Monday evening there was one important question that went unasked during the first Presidential Debate: Where do you stand on the issue of abortion?

Since moderator Lester Holt failed to ask about where our candidates stand on dismembering innocent human lives, we wanted to fill you in on the big differences between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  Click here for a comparison of their positions.