State Senate Judiciary Committee Passes Human Life Protection Act

Tennessee Right to Life expresses full support and appreciation to state Senator Mike Bell (R-Riceville) for his principled Pro-life leadership. As chairman of the influential state Senate Judiciary Committee, Bell helped on Tuesday to shepherd passage of the Human Life Protection Act sponsored by Dolores Gresham (R-Somerville). If enacted this “trigger law” mirrors those in a growing number of states and guarantees the full restoration of Tennessee’s protective laws when Roe vs. Wade is overturned in whole or in part. Tennessee’s strongly protective Pro-life statutes were stripped off the state law books following Roe vs. Wade and must be restored in order to fully protect Tennessee’s women, girls and unborn children from abortion.

Additionally, Chairman Mike Bell gracefully guided debate and testimony on Tuesday evening which resulted in the proposed “heartbeat bill” being scheduled for further testimony and deliberation in August. Many Pro-life observers have noted that Tennessee’s proposed Heartbeat law is not significantly different from those already struck down in each state where it has been passed. Building a legislative record of findings could provide for a stronger legal defense should the “heartbeat bill” be challenged, as it inevitably will be, if passed by the Tennessee legislature. 

Voting with Chairman Bell in support of the Life Protection Act were Bowling, Gardenhire, Lundberg, Roberts, Stevens, and White. Voting Pro-abortion were Kyle and Robinson (7-2).

Voting with Chairman Bell in support of a deliberative study committee which would increase chances of the “heartbeat bill” withstanding constitutional scrutiny were Gardenhire, Lundberg & Stevens.

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