TN Abortionists Cited in SC

While the state of Tennessee continues the legal fight to require inspection of abortion facilities owned by Drs. Gary Boyle and Wesley Adams, health authorities in South Carolina have cited a Charleston abortion facility, also owned by infamous abortionists Boyle and Adams.

A September 2015 inspection by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control found that the abortion facility has misrepresented the amount of "medical waste" being disposed.  While reporting their "waste" as zero, state inspectors conducted an on-site review of the facility and determined that the facility generates an estimated amount of twenty pounds per month of "pathological waste."

Tragically, according to the South Carolina Department of Health, this "waste" includes "products of conception," a euphemism for the broken bodies and blood of unborn children killed at the facility.

Citizens of South Carolina are fortunate to have the legal authority to require health department inspection and regulation of abortion facilities.  In Tennessee, the people have spoken through approval of Amendment 1 and the people's representatives have spoken through passage of legislation requiring such inspections.  Still, we wait while Federal Judge Kevin Sharp continues to enjoin authorities from enforcing the law.  A trial date in Adams & Boyle v. Slatery has been set for November 1, 2016.