TN House Passes Ban on Sale of Human Fetal Body Parts

Human Fetal Remains Bill Passes House and Senate

Legislation Prevents Sale or Reimbursement by Abortion Providers


Nashville, April 14, 2016---Legislation banning the sale of fetal remains by abortion providers in Tennessee passed the state House overwhelmingly today by a vote of 79-9.  The bill is a priority of the Haslam administration and was approved earlier in the state Senate 28-2.


In addition to banning the sale of fetal remains, HB 2577 also prohibits reimbursement for the transfer, preservation or other handling of fetal body parts following a surgical abortion.  Sponsored by Rep. Bill Dunn (R-Knoxville) and Sen. Kerry Roberts (R-Springfield), the bill strengthens reporting requirements to include documentation of the method for disposal of remains and requires authorization by a woman or girl considering an abortion as to the method of disposal.


Tennessee Right to Life applauded the move. "Pro-life Tennesseans are grateful to the Legislature and to the Governor for bringing about this common sense reform to prevent the trafficking of remains of unborn children killed by abortion in our state," said Cathy Waterbury, legislative liaison for Tennessee Right to Life.


In a separate bill, Rep. Bryan Terry, M.D. (R-Murfreesboro) proposed requiring that authorization for the method of disposal be by signed rather than inferred consent by the woman or girl considering an abortion.  That bill was also passed easily by the House on Thursday by a vote of 89-0.


The Legislature is expected to adjourn the 109th General Assembly next week.


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