Our Next Step: Vote Pro-Life on August 2 in Tennessee

Together, with God's help, Pro-life Tennesseans have made great strides during the past 15 years in the enactment of constitutionally-enforceable laws drafted and lobbied by Tennessee Right to Life. Among them:

Pro-Life Amendment 1 to Tennessee Constitution

Informed consent for women and girls considering abortion

Physician-only counseling

48-hour waiting period

Anti-coercion policy & required posting inside abortion facilities

Sale of fetal remains prohibited

Preferential treatement for Planned Parenthood stripped from state law

Title X government funds redirected away from Planned Parenthood

Statewide hotline for reporting abortion facility abuses

Choose Life plate supporting pro-life agencies and programs

Ban on dispensing RU 486 by telemedicine / skype

Unborn Victims of Violence Act at all stages of gestation

Viability assessment required and post-viability abortions banned

Natural childbirth over abortion established as state's preference

However, the greatest challenges still remain before Tennessee's pro-life movement as we seek to restore full legal protection to innocent human life. Our next step must be to return pro-life super-majorities to the Tennessee state House, state Senate, and Tennessee's Congressional delegation.  In addition, considering the difficulty of what remains to be done, Tennessee must have a Governor with the demonstrated commitment and capability to stand without fail for life.

Based on objective criteria, Tennessee Right to Life PAC endorsements have been made following careful review of candidate surveys, voting records, public statements and statewide meetings between candidates and 15 members of the TRL Endorsement Committee. In open seats with multiple candidates meeting endorsement criteria, those candidates have been listed for consideration by the voter.

Tennessee Right to Life urges votes and active support for the endorsed candidates by every Tennessean concerned for the unborn, the elderly and medically vulnerable.  Working together we will continue to meet the challenges and hasten the day when every life is protected by the laws of our communities, state and nation.