Votes on Wednesday: Will TN Protect Viable Unborn Children?

TN Infants Protection Act Senate and House Committee Votes

Now Scheduled for Wednesday, April 19

Senate Judiciary Committee Passes TN Infants Protection Act 7 - 2!

House Finance Subcommittee Passes TN Infants Protection Act by a Voice Vote!

If you called or emailed before, please do so again.  Pro-abortion activists are threatening to fill the committee rooms in opposition to state law protecting viable unborn children!

The House Finance Subcommittee and the Senate Judiciary Committee have both delayed a vote on the Tennessee Infants Protection Act until tomorrow, Wednesday, April 19.  The fate of priority protective legislation this session continues to rest with pro-life advocates across the state.  Will you make your voice heard?

The Tennessee Infants Protection Act (HB 1189 / SB 1180) would prohibit abortions beginning at 24 weeks when viability is presumed.  The bill would also require viability assessments for unborn children beginning at 20 weeks gestation before an abortion can be performed.  If the child is determined to be viable (able to live outside the womb with or without medical assistance), the abortion would be prohibited.

Tennessee's Attorney General called the Act "constitutionally suspect," in part due to lack of broad "health" exceptions which would allow late term abortions for women who suffer "mental and emotional harm" from carrying the pregnancy to term.

Your support is needed right now to see this common-sense protection passed into law.  The bill (SB 1180) will be heard by members of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, April 19 at 10:30 am (CDT) in Room 12 of Legislative Plaza.  And members of the House Finance Subcommittee will hear the bill (HB 1189) on Wednesday, April 19 at 12:00 pm (CDT) in Room 16 of Legislative Plaza.

Show your support for this legislation and join us by taking the following three steps:

  1. House Finance Subcommittee passes TN Infants Protection Act by a voice vote,
  2. Senate Judiciary Committee passes the TN Infants Protection Act (SB 1180) 7 - 2.
  3. Plan to attend both of the committee meetings on Wednesday, April 19 at Legislative Plaza.

Prime sponsors of the Tennessee Infants Protection Act are state Rep. Matthew Hill and state Senator Joey Hensley