Available for Order from Tennessee Right To Life



*Purchase price listed after item, all brochures are free to public unless indicated otherwise.  Links provided for more information about the brochures.



How You can Be Pro-Life  ($.17/each)

  • Helps people understand simple ways they can build a culture of life.



If They Say, You Say ($1.50/book – suggested sale price $2.00)

  • A “how to” on answering questions from those who are pro-abortion.



Why Vote Pro-Life? ($.22/each)

  • Information on the importance of voting for pro-life candidates.




Planned Parenthood – It’s Not What You Think ($.17/each)

  • An in-depth look at the business of the largest abortion provider: Planned Parenthood. In light of the current video sting and investigations, this is ideal information to have available to the public.



 Milestones of Early Life ($.08/each)

  • Beautiful week-to-week timeline of the development of a human being. Includes vibrant pictures of life inside the womb.



The Abortion Timeline ($.20/each)

  • A timeline version of the development of life inside the womb, includes info on when certain abortion methods are used depending on age of baby.



Abortion – The Black Woman’s Voice ($.08/each)

  • Discuses this disproportionate number of abortion that take place on black babies. “Black women constitute 14% of the female population (age 15-44) in the US, but they underwent approximately 38% of the abortions”.



Conceived in Rape – A Story of Hope ($.15/each)

  • By Rebecca Kiessling, a woman who was conceived in rape, includes testimony and facts on the hard cases regarding abortion.




Healing the Pain of Abortion (Limited Supply – Free)

  • Rachel’s Vineyard Weekend Retreat for post-abortive women.



Silent No More – What’s So Bad About Abortion?

  • Discussing the problems of abortion from a post-abortive perspective.




Euthanasia - Mercy or Murder? ($.15/each)           

  • Discusses Physician-Assisted Suicide and other forms of euthanasia.



Contact the state office at 615.298.5433 or by email at [email protected] for questions about materials available or to place your order.