Knoxville 2018 March for Life


Tennessee Right to Life has received notice that certain groups are planning to disrupt this Sunday’s March for Life in Knoxville.  It is regrettable that any group or individual would attempt to draw attention to themselves and their own agendas at an event that is meant to focus on unborn children and their mothers in a peaceful and prayerful manner.

Any group or individual that promotes white supremacy or other dehumanizing world views, are not in tandem with the position of Tennessee Right to Life on the value of every person’s dignity and life.  Our organization's march has a single agenda to support the rights of mothers and the unborn, and we don't agree with the violent agenda of white supremacists or Antifa.

Tennessee Right to Life is working closely with the Knoxville Police Department to keep our supporters safe and away from harassment from these radical groups.