Tennessee Right to Life Statement on Late-Term Abortion of Viable Unborn Child in Murfreesboro

The state's oldest and largest pro-life organization expresses profound sadness and concern at reports of a Murfreesboro woman accused of attempting to self-abort her viable unborn child.  According to media reports, a 31-year-old Rutherford county woman has been indicted and jailed on charges of attempted first-degree murder following an alleged attempt to self-abort her 24-week-old unborn baby. The woman and child both survived and the child is said to face a future of serious health challenges as a result of the attempted abortion.

Tennessee Right to Life urges women, girls and families facing an unexpected or difficult pregnancy to contact a local pregnancy resource center, adoption agency or county health department.  "There is help and support available to any woman or girl facing the prospect of a difficult pregnancy and no one has to face this challenge alone," said Karen Brukardt, spokeswoman at Tennessee Right to Life.

"Tennessee Right to Life is grieved by any woman's decision to choose abortion as a supposed solution to an unexpected pregnancy and we continue to work for the promotion of alternatives and the protection of innocent human life," said Brukardt.  "Fortunately, unlike so many thousands of abortions occurring in our state each year, this child was saved from an untimely death.  Our prayers are with the woman, child and family affected by this tragic act."