RTL Movement Opposes Measures Prosecuting Women Who Choose Abortion

The Right to Life movement has always opposed measures to prosecute women who choose abortion. We are motivated to promote and provide life-affirming alternatives for women and girls considering abortion. And we extend compassion and healing to women and families who have suffered the pain and loss of a child through abortion.

Our movement includes many women and men who realized too late the grief of such a decision and who subsequently seek to bring good from their painĀ by using their experience to prevent others from making the same mistake.

The paramount goal of the Right to Life movement is the legal protection of innocent human life, not the prosecution of women who have chosen abortion. Even before Roe v Wade, the focus of legal penalties has always been toward the abortion practitioner, not the mother.

Candidates expressing support for punishing a post-abortive mother are not representing the pro-life position or Right to Life. Pro-Life is pro-woman, pro-child and pro-family. It is not punitive.