Stop the Sale of Baby Body Parts in TN: Yes on Senate Bill 2568

UPDATE: The Senate Judiciary Committee passed the bill with 7 yes votes and 2 abstentions.  The bill now will be considered by the full Senate.


Governor's pro-life reform bill to be heard in Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, March 22

On Tuesday, March 22, Tennessee will take its next steps toward greater protection for life as Governor Haslam's legislation to reform the operation of abortion facilities receives its first vote.  SB 2568 will be taken up Tuesday afternoon, 1:00 p.m., (CDT) by members of the State Senate Judiciary Committee chaired by pro-life state Sen. Brian Kelsey (R-Collierville).  The bill is sponsored in the Senate by pro-life state Sen. Kerry Roberts (R-Springfield) and includes increased inspection and record-keeping requirements at abortion facilities and prohibits the purchase and sale of human fetal remains in Tennessee.

Brought in response to the release of undercover videos last summer in which high-ranking Planned Parenthood leaders were caught negotiating the sale of baby body parts, Governor Haslam responded with the drafting of legislation "to strengthen accountability and transparency for surgery centers performing abortion."  The pro-life bill is opposed by Planned Parenthood and some researchers in Tennessee who use the bodies of aborted unborn children for experimentation.

Please contact members of the Senate Judiciary Committee today and encourage others to do so as well.  Urge each to support the Governor's bill to increase inspections and record-keeping requirements at abortion facilities and prevent such facilities from profiting from the sale of baby body parts.  Tell them Pro-life Tennessee says YES on SB 2568!

Sen. Brian Kelsey, Chair (R-Collierville): [email protected], 615.741.3036

Sen. Doug Overbey, 1st Vice-Chair (R-Maryville): [email protected], 615.741.0981

Sen. Janice Bowling, 2nd Vice-Chair (R-Tullahoma): [email protected], 615.741.6694

Sen. Mike Bell (R-Riceville): [email protected], 615.741.1946

Sen. Todd Gardenhire (R-Chattanooga): [email protected], 615.741.6682

Sen. Lee Harris (D-Memphis): [email protected], 615.741.1767

Sen. Sara Kyle (D-Memphis): [email protected], 615.741.4167

Sen. Kerry Roberts (R-Springfield): [email protected], 615.741.4499

Sen. John Stevens (R-Huntingdon): [email protected], 615.741.4576