As we take stock of 2018, we couldn't be more thankful for what God has done through the faithful efforts of pro-life Tennesseans.  It truly has been a landmark year for Tennessee Right to Life as we witnessed the following:

  • Long sought closure of the unlicensed Women's Center abortion facility 3 doors from our state Right to Life office;

  • Re-election of solid pro-life super-majorities in the state House, state Senate and Tennessee's congressional delegation---and the election of a firmly pro-life Governor;

  • Codification of the long-standing Haslam administrative policy which annually diverts $1.1 million tax dollars away from Planned Parenthood.  Following passage of TRL legislation this year, any pro-abortion effort to restore the funding will have to be approved by the Legislature rather than simply allowing health department officials to appropriate the funds as was done until 2011;

  • Final vindication and victory on pro-life Amendment 1 when the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court ruled unanimously earlier this year in support of the manner in which the state counted the votes in 2014 and again when the U.S. Supreme Court refused to take up the pro-abortion challenge.

Tennessee's pro-life leadership is serving as a model for other states as pro-life leaders and legislators seek to replicate our successes. 

This has only been possible due to God's blessing and your faithful help and financial support.

Together we are truly building a culture of Life in Tennessee and beyond.

On Giving Tuesday, you can help us to continue our work towards protecting Life in Tennessee.

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