To Members of the Tennessee State Legislature



Tennesseans Support The Human Life Protection Act:

Legislation That Allows for the Fullest Possible Protection of Life

I, the undersigned citizen, join Tennessee Right to Life in urging passage of protective legislation which will promote respect for every human life in our communities, state and nation.  I urge that great priority be placed this session in passing legislation that will strengthen Tennessee's position to restore the fullest possible protection of women, girls and unborn children.

Upon reversal of Roe v. Wade, the Human Life Protection Act restores all of Tennessee's pro-life protections for unborn children and women. It restores Tennessee's law as it stood in 1973 prior to Roe v Wade decision and includes an exception to allow an abortion if necessary to protect the life of the mother.

I urge you to support Tennessee's Human Life Protection Act (SB 1257 / HB 1029)

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