For years, Tennessee was the "abortion destination" of the South, due to a state Supreme Court ruling nearly two decades ago that blocked us from enforcing meaningful Pro-life laws.  People came here from all over to take advantage of the fact that abortions were virtually unregulated.  It was a disgrace.  And then, thanks to you and other caring Pro-life Tennesseans, we fought back and won.

After passing Amendment 1 to fix our state's constitution, then defending Amendment 1 in lengthy court battles against Planned Parenthood, we began passing life-saving laws!  Just a few weeks ago, a super-majority of Tennessee lawmakers voted "YES" to keep your tax dollars away from Planned Parenthood and other abortionists.

The problem is that heading into the midterm elections, the pro-abortion side is fired up (you just saw a pro-abortion politician win a statewide race down in Alabama of all places), and many of our best allies are either up for re-election in tough races, or they are retiring.

To mobilize a huge turnout of informed, Pro-life Tennesseans in both the November AND the upcoming August primary, Tennessee Right to Life needs to launch aggressive election-year programs right now.  We have a governor's race and a U.S. Senate race, both of which are "open," meaning no incumbent is running.  Down the ballot we have 18 Pro-life legislators retiring.  We know the abortion "rights" groups are targeting all these seats and many more, so your help right now will be huge as we head in to this challenging election cycle.

Simply take a moment today to sign the Pledge of Support today and make a most generous Pro-life donation you can afford.  Every dollar of your sacrificial gift will sustain our righteous cause throughout the important months ahead.  Thank you!


I agree!  We need to mobilize a huge turnout of informed, Pro-life Tennesseans in both the August primary and the November general election and reach our goals by launching aggressive election-year programs right away.

I also know that most importantly we need more Pro-life legislators in Tennessee to stand up and defend life, and to help elect those leaders to office.

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